Northwest Arkansas Waterproofing

Making a basement dry is really not that difficult. Experience and years of success have proven to be my best asset. Usually the smartest approach is to address the water issues from the exterior of the house.

Sometimes it isn't possible to divert water from the outside. We often install an interior footing drain system and sump pump. This system is 100% fail proof. The system consists of removing a one foot wide strip of the basement slab along the leaking walls. We then remove the spoils, install drain mat and gravel, and carry the water to a sump pump. The slab is poured back on top of the system, concealing it from view.

Cracks that leak through basement walls can be epoxy injected. Cracks are chiseled out and cleaned, and then 1/2 inch holes are drilled into the cracks. We then install "ports" that are used to accept the injection. Finally, we will inject the cracks with a variety of materials depending on the nature of the crack.

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